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Tuesday October 17, 2017

Daily Slam Dunk Report

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Fri Slam Dunk: Under 205 Mavs oops

Thurs Slam Dunk: Under 204 Kings WON!

Wed Slam Dunk: Over 212 Nets WON!

Tue Slam Dunk: Bulls+9 WON!

Mon Slam Dunk: Jazz+6 WON!

Sun Slam Dunk: Lakers+1 WON!

Sun Slam Dunk: Wizards-5 WON!

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27-7 L34

47-8 L55

136-10 L146

Oct 10th 5 Unit Play

Oct 9th 5 Unit Play
U41 Bears WON!

Oct 8th 5 Unit Play

Oct 7th 5 Unit Play
Clem-21 oops

Oct 6th 5 Unit Play
Dods WON!

Oct 5th 5 Unit Play

L'ville oops

Oct 4th 5 Unit Play
Az-170 WON!

Oct 3rd 5 Unit Play
Minn+1.5 oops

Oct 2nd 5 Unit Play
O198 Mavs WON!

Oct 1st 5 Unit Play
U42 Balt WON!

(G)Broncos-3 WON!

Sep 30h 5 Unit Play
(G)Alab-29 WON!

O62 Pen St oops

Sep 29th 5 Unit Play
Byu+1.5 oops

Sep 28th 5 Unit Play
Texas-5 WON!

Sep 27th 5 Unit Play
Nyy-190 WON!

Sep 26th 5 Unit Play
Ariz-230 WON!

Bos-190 oops

Sep 25th 5 Unit Play
U47 Cows WON!

Sep 24th 5 Unit Play
U54 Oak WON!

Sep 24th 5 Unit Play
O45 Pats WON!

Sep 23rd 5 Unit Play
Va Tech-27.5 WON!

Sep 22nd 5U Play

Sep 21st 5 Unit Play
Cle-110 WON!

Sep 20th 5 Unit Play

Sep 19th 5 Unit Play
U9 Hou WON!

Sep 18th 5 Unit Play
Mia-155 WON!

Sep 17th 5 Unit Play
Pitt-9 WON!

Sep 16th 5 Unit Play
U50 Vandy WON!

Sep 15th 5 Unit Play
Mil-125 WON!

Sep 14th 5 Unit Play
Txans+240 WON!

Sep 13th 5 Unit Play
O11 Bos WON!

Sep 12th 5 Unit Play
O11.5 Tx WON!

Sep 11th 5 Unit Play
N.O.+130 oops

Sep 10th 5 Unit Play
Rams-4 WON!

Sep 9th 5 Unit Play
Wva-24 WON!

Sep 8th 5 Unit Play
Nats-130 WON!

Sep 7th 5 Unit Play
1H:Uta St-18 WON!

O8 Nyy WON!

Sep 6th 5 Unit Play
Cubs-130 WON!

Sep 5th 5 Unit Play
O12 Col WON!

Sep 4th 5 Unit Play

Sep 3rd 5 Unit Play
Brews-130 WON!

Sep 2nd 5 Unit Play
Penn ST-32 WON!

Sep 1st 5 Unit Play

U66 NavyWON!

Aug 31st 5 Unit Play
U52 Buff...WON!

Aug 30th 5 Unit Play
O9.5 LAD...WON!

Aug 29th 5 Unit Play

Aug 28th 5 Unit Play

Aug 27th 5 Unit Play

Aug 26th 5 Unit Play
Over 59 Rice...WON!

Aug 25th 5 Unit Play

Aug 24th 5 Unit Play

Aug 23rd 5 Unit Play
O10.5 A's...WON!

Aug 22nd 5 Unit Play

Aug 21st 5 Unit Play
1H: U19 Cle...WON!

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NFL 19-7!

137-33-1 L170

75-21-1 L96

Oct 10th 5 Unit Play

Oct 9th 5 Unit Play
Bears oops

Oct 8th
O43 Det WON!

Oct 7th
Penn St-14 WON!

Oct 6th
O47 Byu oops

Oct 5th

O54 TB oops

Oct 4th
O55 Ark St WON!

Oct 3rd


Mon Oct 2nd

1stH:Wash+4 WON!

Sun Oct 1st

Balt+3 oops

Sat Sep 30th


Sat Sep 30th

Unlv-12 WON!

Fri Sep 29th


Thurs Sep 28th


Mon Sep 25th

Dall-155 WON!

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